A highly creative problem-solver with a passion for innovation.

Specializing in designing visuals, footwear and accessory design and pattern-making, illustration, murals and exploring new ideas. If you need a dedicated creative to help drive your vision forward, welcome!


about Zorka

˝To live is to create˝

Since childhood, Zorka has been captivated by the world of creativity, constantly drawing, coloring, and bringing her ideas to life. This early passion has blossomed into a lifelong journey of imagination, where she continues to explore the boundless possibilities of her creative mind. Her love for artistic expression knows no bounds, fueling her ongoing quest to push the limits of her imagination and inspire others along the way.

ZORka creates

Innovative designs and solutions

Zorka is a master of innovation across multiple design realms. From graphic design to footwear, street art to illustrations, Zorka blends traditional and cutting-edge techniques to craft captivating and original creations. With an intuitive eye for detail and a knack for pushing boundaries, Zorka’s work is a testament to the power of creativity to inspire and captivate.

Visual Identity

Creating and designing your brand

Footwear and accessory

Designing and pattern making

Street Art and Murals

That soothing sound of spray paint...


Creating simple to complex 2D drawings

No War Zorka
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