"Life is short, art is infinite."

Oscar Wilde

Behind the alias “Zorka” is Martina Štrkalj, a versatile creative who was born in beautiful British Columbia and raised and educated in Croatia, Europe, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the mountains. Her connection with nature has been a driving force throughout her whole life. This background has instilled a deep appreciation for the intricate relationship between form and function while expressing herself through various forms of creating and crafting.

Having a bachelor degree in Clothing, Textile and Footwear Technology and a Masters in Graphic Design while working as a high school teacher never kept her from finding and accomplishing challenges whether its designing the perfect logo, learning a new skill or climbing a mountain. 

She continues to push personal boundaries, channeling her diverse expertise and adventurous spirit into creating captivating designs that inspire and challenge both herself and others!

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The codes Zorka lives by


Unlocking worlds through the power of creativity


Where dreams meet reality in the laboratory of possibility


Embracing uniqueness for it is the key to unlocking true connections


The heartbeat of purpose, the fuel that propels dreams into reality


Shaping a world where actions speak louder than words


Leaving a legacy of impact that echoes through time

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